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International & Domestic Airlines

International Airlines

Taiwan has three international airports: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, and Taipei International (Songshan) Airport. Each offers convenient direct links to all major countries.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Address: No. 9, Hangzhan S. Rd., Dayuan District, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Kaohsiung International Airport
Address: No.2, Zhongshan 4th Rd., Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Taipei International Airport (Songshan Airport)
Address: No. 340-9, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Taichung Airport
Address: No. 168, Sec. 1, Zhonghang Rd., Shalu District, Taichung City, Taiwan. 

Domestic Airlines

Taiwan's domestic airlines industry is quite active with busy routes serving major cities; flying is almost as common as taking long-distance buses, and flights are always fully booked during holidays. As a result, prior reservations are advised. Most travel agencies handle reservations and ticketing on behalf of airlines.

Personal identification is required when checking in for flights. (ID cards for Taiwan citizens, passports for foreigners.)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Flight Schedule
Kaohsiung International Airport Flight Schedule
Domestic Airport & Flight Information


The island-wide railway network, including the western line, the eastern line, the north link line, and the south link line, provides convenient travel in a number of train classes: economy, Fu-Hsing, Chu-Kuang and Tze-Chiang. Travels can choose the class of train they want according to their schedule and budget. Small narrow-gauge trains operate on (mainly tourist) branch lines: Alishan, Jiji, Pingxi, and Neiwan. These trains give visitors a chance to see the caried scenery of Taiwan close-up as they travel around the island.

It is especially difficult to get the train tickets during long holiday periods, so reserving tickets 14 days before departure, by phone or by website, is strongly recommended.

Timetables / Ordering Tickets online
Taiwan Railways Administration

Taiwan High Speed Rail

With the opening of the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR), visitors can now easily take a day trip between Kaohsiung and Taipei. Currently eight stations are operating on the THSR line down Taiwan's western corridor: Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, and Zuoying (Kaohsiung), and three more are in the planning stage. Tickets can be purchased by phone or online. Click on the following links for THRS Timetable & Fare Search and Reservation.

Local Transportation


A large number of taxis are available in most major cities. Basically, taxi fares in all major cities are set by the local city government itself, and there are few variations. The meter may not be used for out-of-town or long-distance travel; travelers are advised to confirm the charging method before getting in a taxi.

For more information, please see Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - Taxi, Kaohsiung International Airport - Taxi.

Notes: Most drivers do not speak English, for your own convenience, when taking a taxi in Taiwan, it is advisable to prepare a note with your destination, including both your hotel's name and address written in Chinese, along with the projected cost of each one-way trip.

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